Our Services

Consider us your cremation and funeral arrangement concierge. When you work with Simply Cremation, your family can make one phone call and have everything taken care of.

The services we offer include:

  • Transfer your loved one from the place of death to our funeral chapel
  • Professionally care for your loved one
  • Hold a consultation at our facility or your home to gather information and discuss specific arrangements for cremation, a funeral, and/or memorial service
  • Cremation
  • File all certificates, permits, affidavits, and authorizations as needed
  • Assist with notifying relatives and friends
  • Plan the funeral, memorial service, or celebration of life, including arranging a venue, clergy person, flowers, music, catering, programs, prayer cards, guest book, decor, and more
  • Plan special traditions, such as fraternal services or military honors
  • Transport in-town and out-of-town guests in between the airport, hotel, and event venues
  • Have a team on location to manage all arrangements and serve guests
  • Care for, preserve, and/or distribute floral cards, mass cards, contributions, and decor after the funeral or service
  • Acquire certified copies of the death certificate needed to settle an estate
  • Assist with social security and other death-related claims
  • Write an obituary, and place it in the newspapers of your choice
  • Hold a meeting after the funeral or service with your family to deliver cremated remains and/or materials from the memorial, and discuss how we can be of further assistance

For more information about how we could help your family alleviate the stress and worry of planning a cremation or funeral, stop by our office for a free consultation.